1   [2] GETTABUP    0 0 -1  ; _ENV "print"
2   [2] LOADK       1 -2    ; "something is brewing here"
3   [2] CALL        0 2 1
4   [3] RETURN      0 1

Among other things, LOADK is the home of localua.sh, a Bash script to download and install a self-contained Lua and LuaRocks on Linux, macOS and MSYS2. It supports Lua 5.1 to 5.4 (not LuaJIT).

Its main use cases are bootstrapping test environments for continuous integration, easily isolating Lua environments when working on projects with different requirements in parallel, and running scripts painlessly on machines where you might not have administrator rights.

To download localua, run curl https://loadk.com/localua.sh -O, then run the script without arguments for more information about its usage.